The ONLINE certified eyewear STYLIST COURSE You’ve been waiting for

An investment that will repay itself many times over

Eyewear Styling Course

TRAIN TO BE A certified eyewear STYLIST ONLINE

The most advanced course of its kind!


The very first interactive eyewear stylist course has been designed to enable you to acquire the expertise required to become an outstanding Eyewear Stylist.

Who is this course created for?

The course has been created for dispensing opticians and optical retail staff who want to boost their dispensing skills by learning how to style clients in eyewear based on personality, colouring, clothing style and facial features.

In addition to learning the technical and practical styling skills you require to become an eyewear stylist, you will also learn the language of a stylist in order to enhance your credibility and promote your expertise.

The course is available to you only and will be available to you for a six month period, giving you time to revisit it as many times as required during that time.

The key benefits this Eyewear Stylist e-learning Course will give you are:

You will have the confidence to style your clients in eyewear that they love, enhancing your client experience, increasing your average dispense value and becoming the expert in eyewear styling.
You will have access to the whole course online instantly and can complete it in your own time, as quickly or as slowly as you need, without having to take the time out of a busy practice!
The course is designed for all learning styles and includes interactive tests, questions, case studies to give you a fun enjoyable learning experience.
When you register for the course you will also receive downloadable materials to assist you in your styling consultations.
You will also have the opportunity to purchase specialist colour collars, to assist during your consultations.

On completion of the course and a final assessment, you will receive your e-learning Eyewear Stylist Certificate. So you will be a professionally qualified Eyewear Stylist!



Unlocking Your Clients Personality – The KEY To Superior Styling!

You will learn how to identify the six different style personalities and the matching styles of eyewear for each one. You will also learn how to align with each personality allowing you to become their trusted advisor and making the whole process of selling multi / high value pairs effortless. Understanding your client’s style personality is the MOST IMPORTANT and exciting thing you will ever learn when it comes to styling your clients and sky rocketing your average dispense value!


Understanding the Power of Colour – The magic ingredient which boosts your clients looks and your credibility!

This module introduces you to the transformational power of colour, how to assess your client’s dominant colour type and choose eyewear colours which make them look and feel fabulous! Based on the internationally renowned colour me beautiful system of Colour Analysis.

In addition you will also learn the psychology of various colours, enabling you to have further conversations with your client based on the impression they wants to create.

Understanding colour gives you the opportunity to sell multiple pairs based on different colours matching different outfits, or create different impressions.


The old face shape rules have been given a face lift!

Face shapes can be notoriously difficult to determine because most people are in fact a combination of multiple face shapes.

In this module you will learn an easy way to assess your clients face and features, allowing you to personalise your advice and confidently advise on the perfect frame shapes and styles for them.


A step by step styling process which will transform your clients and your reputation forever!

This module brings everything together and walks you through a tried and tested successful process you can use to perform impressive eyewear style consultations for your clients.

The course uses visual and audio learning techniques and combines teaching with continuous interactive tests, self assessments, tasks and case studies. It is an easy learning format broken down into 4 separate modules for confident understanding.